Suriname Maroons Making A Dugout Canoe – Video

When it comes to traversing the rivers and rapids in the Amazon jungles there is no better or more robust mode of transportation than the dugout canoe.

For the maroons and the indians, the dugout has been the primary mode of transportation for centuries.

Voordruk apr10 TA14 stuurmans

Here you can see the process of making a dugout canoe.

  • After they cut down the tree, the basic forming and hollowing of the tree begins immediately.
  • The hollowed out tree is than moved closer to the river or to the village
  • There it is finished, with water and heat the canoe is further stretched, refined, painted

The entire process takes about a week from start to finish.

Here you will see maroons assisted by some Peace Corps volunteers, making a dugout:

Part 1

Part 2


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