Seketi Dance – Saamaka style

Seketi is a Saamaka style dance.

The locals at Pingpe(A Saamaka village) giving a customary welcome performance for the visitors(tourists).

Here they perform Seketi. It is a spiritual dance where participant often times get in a trance, but in this case it is more light hearted for entertainment purposes.

All the dance moves you see are traditional and go back centuries:

Here is another Seketi dance. This is in a church setting and they praise the Lord with a Seketi dance:


Awassa Dance

Awassa dance is a dance where the dancers traditionally tell a story with their gestures or embellish the story that is being song.

The dance is accompanied by traditional drums, kwa kwa(bangi, small bench) and various apinti drums.  The dancers have a strand of kawai(dried, hardened shell of fruit) around their ankles, which makes a crisp shaker like sound and they add another rhythmic dimension to the music.

Awassa Technique demonstration:

More traditional Awassa performance: