Anansi Tori – The Crafty Spider

Everybody in Suriname loves Anansi tori.

So what is Anansi Tori. Anansi is Ghanaian for spider and tori means story.

Anansi is a character that is weak, but very crafty. He usually exploits human weaknesses such as greed and pride to accomplish his goals. These stories were traditionally used to teach the young ones to watch out and not let their human weaknesses be exploited and are filled with humor.

This is a story telling tradition that is straight out of Africa. If I’m not mistaken the Anansi story telling tradition did survive in some countries in the English Caribbean as well.

Anansi Tori was used as a form of teaching and the story tellers were occupied a special place of importance in the society based on their skill.

Here is a video in Dutch with English subtitles:

Here is how it traditionally is told by the marroons(Think about black preachers & congregation response) :