Suriname Maroons Making A Dugout Canoe – Video

When it comes to traversing the rivers and rapids in the Amazon jungles there is no better or more robust mode of transportation than the dugout canoe.

For the maroons and the indians, the dugout has been the primary mode of transportation for centuries.

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Here you can see the process of making a dugout canoe. Continue reading


Traveling To Suriname – Vacation – Jungle Tour – Maroons

Traveling to Suriname can be as luxurious as you want it to be or you can chose to go back to nature with one of the many available jungle tours. Moreover most people in Suriname can understand and speak English.

As a youth I had the opportunity to travel abroad every year, but my most memorable vacations were the visits to the interior of Suriname. There is something refreshing about it, regenerating, invigorating. I visited many maroon villages, went on many amazing river tours over rapids etc. Continue reading

Life Of The Saamaka Maroons in 1928, Suriname – Rare Film

This a rare film of a small group of Saamaka maroons from 1928, Suriname.

This was a silent film which was re-edited in 2010 by Doing. It is narrated by modern day Saamaka maroons.

This film provides a look into village life as it was then Continue reading

Jan Matzeliger – Son Of A Slave – Surinamese Inventor In America


The story of Jan Ernst Matzeliger a very curious one as you will discover.

He was born as Jan Ernst Martzil, on the Plantation, Twijfelachtig, by the Cottica River in Suriname, in 1852.

His mother was a slave woman named Aletta and his father a white Surinamese engineer, named Ernst Carl Martzilger. Continue reading

Visiting A Maroon Village In Suriname – Vacation

If you feel inspired to make a trip to a maroon village in Suriname, which I highly recommend, there are some basic concepts you need to understand in order make your visit as memorable as possible.

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Suriname Botanist Frits Van Toorn – Saamaka Maroon

The maroons have a lot of knowledge about plants, trees and their medicinal or practical purposes, And there is none better than internationally renowned self thought botanist, Frits Van Troon, a Saamaka maroon.

The maroons had knowledge of some trees from Africa and they also learned from the indigenous Indians.

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