Suriname African Heritage In The Americas – History

Because of Suriname’s unique history, the African cultural heritage has been better preserved in Suriname than in any other country in the New World, aka the Americas.

I realize that this African cultural heritage is something that not only belongs to Suriname but to the world. Enjoy!
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Various Music Styles From Suriname

The History or Evolution Of The Banjo

Suriname Songs From Slavery – Peroen Peroen

Suriname Songs From Slavery – Faja Siton


Suriname Awassa Dance

Suriname Seketi(sekete) Dance


Suriname Maroon Woodcarving

Suriname Maroon Woodcarving Video

Suriname Maroon Painting


Anansi Tori – An ancient tradition


Winti, Aisa – Anana


Wearing The Pangi

Suriname Maroon Life Basics

African Words in Suriname Language

Visiting A Suriname Maroon Village

Suriname Maroon Plant Knowledge

Mancala Game – Oware – Adji Boto


The Boni Maroon Wars In Suriname(overview)

Suriname Meets Ghana Kromantie – A Historic Meeting

General Overview Of Suriname

Historical Background Of Suriname

Anton De Kom – Freedom Fighter Suriname

Suriname Slaves Origins – descendants

Jan Ernst Matzeliger – Inventor



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