Suriname African Slaves – The Controversial Quassie – (Quassia)

In Suriname Kwasibita is a herbal cure well known for it’s healing properties to cure fever and stomach ailments. In the West it is known as Quassia. This cure and the plant is named after the infamous healer and slave, Quassie.

kwasibita cup

The strength of this herbal medicine is in the wood. Traditionally it was made into a cup, which is filled with water and left to sit for a few days after which you simply drink it. It is very bitter and the local name literally means bitter Quassie. Continue reading


Suriname Kromanti Language – Jamaica – A Closer Look

There is some confusion regarding the Kromanti language. In this article I will attempt to bring a better understanding about Kromanti language.

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Slave rebellion leader Boni – Suriname – Alukus

In Suriname Boni is the most famous slave rebel leader. His story is taught in school and everybody in Suriname knows about Boni.

(Please note that the Boni war was going on after the Ndyuka & Saamaka already made peace treaties with the Dutch colonials )


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