Life Of The Saamaka Maroons in 1928, Suriname – Rare Film

This a rare film of a small group of Saamaka maroons from 1928, Suriname.

This was a silent film which was re-edited in 2010 by Doing. It is narrated by modern day Saamaka maroons.

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Suriname Botanist Frits Van Toorn – Saamaka Maroon

The maroons have a lot of knowledge about plants, trees and their medicinal or practical purposes, And there is none better than internationally renowned self thought botanist, Frits Van Troon, a Saamaka maroon.

The maroons had knowledge of some trees from Africa and they also learned from the indigenous Indians.

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Wari game, Mancala Game, Adji Boto Game, Saamaka Maroons, Suriname

If you like strategy games you will like wari. In Suriname the popular African game, Oware, Wari or mancala, is still played by the Saamaka maroons.

In Suriname it’s called Adji Boto(ah djee boh toh)

Adji is the Ghanaian(Ewe) name for this game.

The game is deceptively simple. It’s very easy to learn but requires good strategy to win.


If you’ re interested in┬álearning this game, there are lots of mancala apps and online mancala games to be found.

Suriname Maroon Art – Wood Carving – Houtsnijwerk

Saamaka, Adiante Franszoon, Wood Carving video(Houtsnijwerk).

Adiante Franszoon was born in the interior of Suriname along the Brazilian border. He was raised in the Saramacca Maroon tribe in one of the many communities established by former slaves who moved from the coast of Suriname to the Amazon rain forest in the early 1700s and learned to carve as a young boy growing up in the village of Dangogo. Adiante came to the United States in the early 1970’s to get an American education and presently resides in Baltimore, Maryland where he carries on the traditional Maroon carving of his ancestors. His work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, and at the Black History Museum in Richmond, Virginia.