Suriname African Slaves – The Controversial Quassie – (Quassia)

In Suriname Kwasibita is a herbal cure well known for it’s healing properties to cure fever and stomach ailments. In the West it is known as Quassia. This cure and the plant is named after the infamous healer and slave, Quassie.

kwasibita cup

The strength of this herbal medicine is in the wood. Traditionally it was made into a cup, which is filled with water and left to sit for a few days after which you simply drink it. It is very bitter and the local name literally means bitter Quassie. Continue reading


Slave Origins Of The Caribbean, Latin America & USA

In this post I will attempt to bring awareness to the origins of slaves who came to the New World, Caribbean, Latin America & USA.

Instead of trying to pinpoint a certain country I will give you a general overview of the world these Africans left behind.

Let me first bring your awareness to an idea that has shaped western society since the beginning of the Trans Atlantic slave trade. Continue reading

Suriname Slaves Origin, Ghana, Benin, Loango

Many Surinamese descendants of slaves often wonder where their ancestors came from. The short answer is mostly from Ghana, Benin and Loango, but also from many other parts of West Africa such as Gambia, Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast etc.

To delve deeper into this subject we have to briefly examine the history starting from the 17th century of the slave trade by both the English and the Dutch.
The first slaves which came to Suriname came to an English colony. English was the language of that day and as a matter of fact the same language which the slaves spoke then is still spoken today, Sranang Tongo. It is mostly an English derived language and not Dutch. Continue reading